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VPN Software HideMyAss review

VPN Software HideMyAss review
Game Name: HideMyAss
Platforms: PC, Mac, Smartphones
Publisher(s): HideMyAss
Developer(s): HideMyAss
Genre(s): VPN

News of hackers accessing sensitive information from people’s computers has become very common these days.

Hackers use peoples IP addresses to track their personal information and activities. This has led to discovery of HideMyAss VPN which can prevent this problem. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you hide your identity while browsing the internet.


How HideMyAss VPN works

The HideMyAss VPN enables you to select your IP address manually. The software can also select the IP for you whereby it masks the original IP with a fake IP address. It gets this fake IP address from various servers located around the world.

Benefits of using the HideMyAss VPN
• Requires no technical knowledge to use. HideMyAss VPN needs no expertise to use. All you have to do is install the software into your computer. Once installed, you can be assured of maximum protection when you connect to the internet. This means you don’t have to incur the cost of consulting a computer expert.
• Assurance of maximum online security.
The HideMyAss protects your personal information by encrypting your online traffic. It also blocks any eavesdroppers and hackers from intercepting your online traffic. This is very vital especially when one is using insecure Wi-Fi hotspots.
• Hide of identity.
This software makes you anonymous whenever you get connected to the internet. Your identity is usually masked or hidden behind an anonymous IP address. This means nobody can track your personal IP address.

• Meets the government standards.
The encryption standards used by this VPN are recognized by governments world-wide.

• No censorship
with this software, you are able to access any website. This is because you can access even blocked websites.
• High degree of compatibility with applications.
This HideMyAss VPN automatically works with all computer applications.
• It allows one to virtually live in another country.
It enables you to adjust your online identity so that look as if you are in another country. This makes it even harder for hackers to track you.


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